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I've taken some time away from programming recently, and focussed more on developing my portfolio of websites, but I began to miss coding things, so I decided to get around to making some mobile apps for my sites. After some tutorials, and a bit of learning, I decided to scrap that idea and make some mobile friendly templates, but it rekindled my passion for coding, and I picked up learning Unity. Though I am unable to afford to get the pro version right now, the free version will more than suit my needs at this moment in time, so look forward to some more Unity news coming soon

So I needed a widget for my gaming site, and I couldn't find one to suit my needs on the wordpress site, and nor could I find a custom wordpress widget plugin, so I had to make my own. Now I know how, expect to hear about a widget or two in development, or even some tutorials

So I have been once again spreading myself thin. Running my own sites, creating some scripts, building stuff for friends, working my day job, and learning more and more. Thankfully, my VPS has been really stable, and has been running better than I expected, so I decided to set up a site for a friend on there.

My friend Ritchi, is seriously into video games, and he has always been on about leaving his day job, and working for himself, but he lacked a lot of skills to branch out, so I decided it might be an idea to give him a push into running his own gaming site. Now I wasn't aiming to delude him into thinking it was instant money, and he had no idea how to start, so I talked him through it all, and then I got him set up with his own website. Now it is still under construction, and the content is beginning to grow, but I wanted to show some of what's been done already.
So to see his site, please head on over to Gamercrowd

Not only that, I've been looking into HTML5, CSS3 and responsive layouts, since I need to get out of the dark ages, and bring my sites and work into the future, so expect some more of that soon, but for the moment being, my focus is going onto a contract for an entertainment complex and graphic printing firm.

So one of my most successful websites is a link directory, and it has been running phpLD 2.2 for such a long time. I figured it was free, and just hashed it together, but since it's been improving in earnings lately, I figured I would give it some more love and attention. I finally took the plunge to purchase a licensce to upgrade my script, and my current focus is picking it up, and boosting it to being the site it should be. Not only is it getting a script upgrade, it's getting a complete overhaul in the form of new logo, new template, and many new features.

At the same time, I am also working on a jQuery plugin for a client, and this is going to come in really handy for my PHPRewards script, as I always wanted to implement jQuery into it, and I can also implement it into any other projects I may require it in.

So I've been busy doing a lot of work for clients lately, and some of my projects have sat on the backburner, but I am hoping that in the next week, they will all be wrapped up, enabling me to get back onto my other projects.
Following the recent acquisition of screen capture software, I am considering creating some video tutorials in the future

So recently I have been buffing up my CSS skills, and I have a complete redesign in mind for the site.  It is about 40% completed so far, but it has been put behind another project that is more important so far.
The current project is another WordPress plugin. It will be designed to provide an easy portfolio system for sites. Providing the option to add categories for portfolio items, you will be able to filter selections on the single page. It is intended to be shortcode and database driven, with a JQuery front end for users. The plan will be to eventually add JQuery to the admin, and provide a more powerful shortcode system to allow for multiple portfolio pages, but for now, it is something designed for a general use on a single page.
Upon completion of this plugin, I will be creating custom themes and a selection of themes I hope to release on the wordpress repository, and completing more plugins too.

So i began the new year building myself a new PC. This was one of the best ideas I have had for a while. All of my IDE's load up within next to no time, I can get more comfortable whilst coding, and I am to use dual monitors.

The current specs of my PC are:
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-HD3 Motherboard
8 GB DDR3 1333 Ram (2 x 4 GB in dual channel)
Intel i7 4770k processor
And some other generic components

The whole point of getting this, was to provide me with a better solution to working on my projects and reducing any distractions that can interrupt productivity.

My first aim is to complete my GPT script, and get a fully working stable release out there, and then it's back to some WordPress plugins and themes, to build up my portfolio.

So look forward to something this year

So I've been busy sorting my sites out lately, and now I'm back into my coding. I've managed to get back into my GPT script idea, aswell as planning a few other projects for after. I've made good friends with OOP programming, which I'm hoping will make my code a bit more efficient

So it's been a while since I created anything wordpress. And for one of my clients, I had to create something wordpress based. It turns out that making a wordpress theme isn't that difficult at all. I plan on creating a tutorial in the near future.

So after my last post, my bandwidth has become more stable, sure I've lost 10% of my visitors to my website, but it turns out these were auto submitted, and not real users. There's barely a difference in my ad impressions, so my hunch was correct. I've reduced excess bandwidth leakage from over 1gb a day, down to just under 300mb a day, which is a significant difference